*Photos may be emailed to us in
jpeg format to

Scanned Images Submitted

Scanning Resolution: When getting ready to scan an image, always render for SCREEN RESOLUTION. This means 72dpi is your targeted final output, NOT 300 dpi. Dpi mean Dots Per Inch.

Color Photos: When scanning color photos, scan them at 16 million colors (true colors). Color photos compress better and also render better quality as JPEG images at 16 million colors rather than GIF images at 256 colors.

Black & White Images: When scanning black and white images, scan them in grayscale (sometimes called "sharp black and white photo" or "256 grays"), not black and white (sometimes called "bitmap" or "line art" or "drawing"). You'll get much cleaner lines with grays. The final file should also be only 72 dpi in resolution.

Resizing the Image: Once you have the scanned image open in your graphic program, resize the image. You should be able to find an "image resize" option in your menu. This should open up a "resize options" box. Click on custom size, and enter the new size in the text boxes. Make sure the maintain aspect ratio checkbox is checked. The recommended size for images used on the UP FSBO web site is no larger than 250 pixels in width. The resulting files should be under 20k in size. No one appreciates using a slower modem to load a huge image and this will, consequently, discourage people from viewing your photos.

Saving the Image: Save the image as a JPG with compression set to "good" or "medium" or "60ish" depending on the program you are using. File size is crucial because many of our viewers are using slower
modems. Smaller is better. Always try for less than 20k when the file is compressed. When you name the image, be sure to include your last name and first initial. The following example shows several photos submitted to UP FSBO and the "naming convention" we advise:

Tips for Taking Photos of Your Home
You can't always choose the best time of year to take photos of your home or property for sale, but you can control how well the photos turn out regardless of the season. Our tips are simple and remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Take your photos on a bright, sunny day if possible! Taking shots before 10 am and after 3:00 pm usually produces the best photo results in the summer. In the winter months, you may have to experiment a bit. Generally speaking, photos taken around high noon will not produce good effects, especially if you have a lot of snow on the ground.
  • Choose the proper film for your camera! If you are taking outdoor photos, you should to use a lower ASA film (100 ASA or lower). If you plan on taking photos indoors and out, and your camera has a flash, you should use a 200 ASA film stock. If your photos will be taken indoors without a flash, 400, 500 or 1000 ASA film is probably best.
  • Fill the frame of your camera with your subject. You want to show as much of the house as possible.
  • Take photos of your home from different angles so potential buyers have a way to judge the size of the home and property.
  • It is usually best to use a flash when taking indoor photos but beware: when using a flash, objects in the foreground will out shine anything in the middle and backgrounds.
  • Be sure vehicles, toys and other unwanted objects are removed from the property before you take photos of your home.
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