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"Thank you very much for listing my home, I have recently sold it. We tried realtors and it just wasn't working, so then we tried UPFSBO and it worked, I sold my home, Thank you!! You were wonderful, I was able to update pictures, change the wording around and anything I wanted at no additional charge. I recommend UP For Sale By owner to anyone."
Jeff Cretens
(Gladstone, MI) November 2009

What is UPFSBO?

Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC (pronounced "U.P. Fizzbo") is the first U.P. based Internet advertising service providing property owners the ability to advertise their real estate for sale on the Internet and not be obligated to pay a commission or finder's fee.

We are not a real estate company, but an advertising service specializing in FSBO (for sale by owner) properties. We are not licensed real estate agents and do not participate in negotiating the actual sale of your home or in the completion of any paperwork. We highly recommend you consult with an Attorney regarding the sale or purchase of any real estate.

Who knows your home or property better than you do? If you sell your property yourself you can save money, time, and you are in control of what happens and when. A property that is fairly priced will sell itself. All you need to do is get the important information to prospective buyers.

Our goal is to unite buyers and sellers. Once you have advertised your property on this site, potential buyers will have 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week access to all the important information regarding your property, color photos and access to a mapping system that provides directions to your property. There is also a section in this site that provides buyers an opportunity to list their desires regarding a property they might be interested in purchasing.

Get your property the exposure it deserves!

"We finalized the sale yesterday so the house is officially sold.
Great exposure, we've still been receiving inquiries, glad we advertised with you. Thanks."

Mark Blom (Marquette, MI) October 2013

"I listed The Eastside Spot with you last fall. I finally closed on it! Please remove the business from your site. I love your site, have often recommended it to buyers & sellers and would use again."
Christal Silta (Marquette, MI) February 2013

"Thanks for your help, your webpage was really helpful with the sale of our home!!
~Tonya and Jim Allen~
(Tilden Township) January 2011

"We've sold and closed on our home as of yesterday. Please de-list our former home from your site. We found your services to be a great supplement to our other marketing efforts. Thanks!"
Scott Richards
(Dollar Bay, MI) August 2009

"Thank you for providing such a nice alternative advertising service for people who wish to sell their property on their own!"
M. Frusti (Houghton, MI) August 2007

"Our buyer found us because of the UPFSBO website!!
One week to sell, not bad!"

T. Miceli (Marquette, MI) March 2006

"Thanks so much. We sold in record time!"
The Kurians (Gwinn, MI) May 2005

"We appreciate all of the assistance you gave us and would highly recommend your site to anyone looking to sell their home. Thanks again!"

Rita & Bill Gordon (Skandia, MI), April, 2004

"Thanks for your help, we sold our camp last month. Your site is first class." Robert Tallio (Marquette, MI), August, 2003

"We were really impressed by UPFSBO's excellent advertising options. Not only did they put a sign in the front of our property but had a sign on the main intersection by it, directing people to it. That is how our buyer found out about it. We would recommend UPFSBO to anyone thinking of selling their home or property."
Greg and Sue Britton (Marquette, MI), March 2003

"A buyer from Detroit found our waterfront property on the UPFSBO website."
Jack Mitchell (Gwinn, MI) January 8, 2003

"We are very pleased with your service and received a full price offer. I would do it again!"
Cheryl Salmer (Ishpeming, MI) October 17, 2002

"We received a call from someone in Okinawa, Japan who was
interested in seeing our home."
Don Joswick (Marquette, MI) September 26, 2002

"Thanks for the opportunity to save a bundle of money with your service. We will definitely refer you to everyone we know wanting to sell their home."
Tim Trombley (Ishpeming, MI) July 3, 2002

"We estimate a savings of $7,800 by selling ourselves."
Mark and Nancy Dougherty (Marquette, MI), April 25, 2002

"The UPFSBO site allowed prospective buyers to view pictures and obtain information about our home directly. The couple who purchased our home had driven by many times but only became interested in purchasing it after they read about it and saw pictures of it online through UPFSBO's site."
Kim and Dale Alanko (Ishpeming, MI), October 29, 2001

"I've tried all the rest and I have found that U.P. FSBO's service is the best!"
Richard Wilder (Wilder's Glass Shop), July 2001

"Is it possible to sell your home by owner and prevent high real estate fees? YES, when one has the help of your Internet service and advice. We secured a bona fide offer in less than two weeks. The response was better than the ads we placed in major newspapers."
Tom and Evelyn Yeagle (Crystal Falls, MI), July 2001

"I found UPFSBO to be a very professional and efficient way to sell my property. A sign was installed the very next day. I had two calls the first week and an acceptable offer the next, with no commission to pay out. This is definitely the way to go."
Barbara Porn (Marquette, MI), May 2001