Seller Information

     For only $179 you can be part of a growing trend in the United States - people selling their own homes and properties themselves and saving thousands of dollars. Who knows your property better than you do? You are the best person for this job and we are here to help.
     This fee includes unlimited advertising on our Internet site until you sell your property, and the use of an attractive yard sign displaying your telephone number and the UPFSBO logo and website address.

Property Information
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      This site is accessible to prospective buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      You PROVIDE US WITH THE DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PROPERTY 4 - 6 photos. Photos may be sent to us by regular mail along with your payment or they may be emailed to us in jpeg format to We will maintain that information until you sell your property. CONTACT US if you want to change any of the information regarding your property and we will make the updates. If you plan on having an Open House, provide us with your scheduled date and time, and your home will be featured on our UPCOMING OPEN HOMES page.
      An attractive yard sign (pictured below) will be yours to use for the duration of your ad. The web address used to access all the information about your property will be prominently displayed on the sign. For prospective buyers who might not have access to the Internet, your phone number will also be displayed on the sign.


UP FSBO yard sign

The UP FSBO yard sign
designed especially for
your use. Your phone
number will be displayed
across the top "rider".

     If you are in the market for a new home or property, UPFSBO is here to help you in your search. The potential is there to save thousands of dollars when commissions are eliminated as a result of buying directly from the Seller.
     Who knows a home or property better than the Seller?
     Why wait 2-3 days to hear answers to your questions when you can deal one-on-one with the Owner?

     To see what is available, go to SEARCH FOR A HOME/PROPERTY where a map of the Upper Peninsula is displayed. Simply click on the county of your choice to view all the properties available in that area.
     Visit our UPCOMING OPEN HOMES page for a current schedule that is updated on a regular basis.
     For only $25 you can list your real estate desires on our BUYER'S WISH LIST page. Just CONTACT US by submitting a description of what you want to say, 50 words or less, and your payment. We will add this information to our web site until you find what you are looking for.